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About hibiki_icon
miruku_tea's graphic journal.

This journal was made specifically for the display of Momo's graphics. Most often it is icons that are posted. Mainly the graphics are centered around the pop culture of Asian countries (jrock, jpop, kpop, Asian cinema, fashion, etc.)
-Please comment and credit if you decide to use graphic(s).
-Do not claim anything I share as your own.
-Do not alter any of my graphics unless I specifically state in that entry that you can.
-Do NOT ask me for the original image, I will not give it to you.
-Do not request for me to make any icons unless I say that I am taking requests!
-Please ask if you want to use any of my graphics on another site.
-No bashing and no fighting.
Where can I find your resource post? Here
Who is that on your layout? Jung YunHo and Kim JaeJoong from the Korean boyband DBSK.
What programs do you use to make icons? Photoshop 7, The Gimp, and ImageReady 7.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide